Ringler, the nation’s largest structured settlement company, has been producing Ringler Radio since 2005. Currently there are nearly 300 podcasts available on demand in our library for listeners on a variety of topics including noteworthy plaintiff and defense cases with leading attorneys and legal experts, as well as informative subjects on Medicare Set Asides, workers compensation, 468B trusts, age ratings, long-term disabilities, mediation, structuring settlements in large and small litigation and much more.

Ringler Radio podcasts are produced by professionals in a talk show format with high profile guests and published here bi-weekly here on the Ringler Radio website, the Ringler website, in iTunes, by free subscription to the Ringler Radio RSS and at Legal Talk Network.

We’re proud to say that our audience has grown to nearly 2.4 million listeners since we first began Ringler Radio 10 year ago. We hope you’ll enjoy listening too!