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Ringler Radio provides an unprecedented analysis of the latest news, information and legislation impacting the structured settlement profession. For 10 years now, Ringler Radio has been featuring personal stories and real-life cases involving injured parties in a lawsuit settlement. High profile guests have helped us highlight the human side of structured settlements.

All the Ringler Radio podcasts are free to listeners. With nearly 2.4 million listeners since its first groundbreaking podcast in 2005, Ringler Radio continues to be the premier podcast centered on the structured settlement industry today. Currently, 30,000 listeners per month are informed by Ringler’s pioneering consultants and associates.

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen is the host of Ringler Radio and head of Ringler’s Northeast operations. Larry brings more than 35 years of claims and legal experience to the Ringler Radio studio. He also served on the Ringler Board of Directors for ten years. Larry’s expertise allows him to gather the leading structured settlement experts for in-depth discussions and analysis.

Nearly every Ringler Radio podcast is co-hosted by one of the Ringler located in various cities across the United States. You can find a convenient and searchable listing of all the consultants at Ringler here. You can also find thorough and credible information with regard to structured settlements on the Ringler website.

All the guests on Ringler Radio podcasts are nationally recognized experts in their fields ranging from plaintiff and defense attorneys, claims professionals, life company professionals, industry organizations, financial advisory experts and people who have benefited from the security of having a structured settlement during their lifetime.

Ringler Radio is produced bi-weekly. You can subscribe using RSS or iTunes.


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