The Ethics of Structured Settlements

The Ethics of Structured Settlements


A mediation cannot be successful without a measure of trust in the mediator and between the parties.  On this edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Teddy Snyder, Esq. welcome Seth J. Davis, a private mediator and the sole proprietor of ADJ Mediation Services, to discuss the ethics of structured settlements for lawyers and mediators.  Larry, Teddy and Seth take a look at the preparation of a structured settlement proposal, the duties of the plaintiff attorney when advising the plaintiff on a structured settlement, the area of public benefits and the impact of the ethical rules on mediations.


One Response to “The Ethics of Structured Settlements”
  1. Adele Vespa says:

    Seth Davis’ comments on the ethical issues concerning structured settlements in a mediation setting were very informative and insightful.

    Adele Vespa, Esq.
    BAY Mediation & Arbitration Services, LLC
    Atlanta, Georgia