Hot Coffee and our Civil Justice System

Hot Coffee and our Civil Justice System


An elderly woman, Stella Liebeck, buys coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru, spills it on her lap, sues and wins.  This case caused quite the controversy, but also contributed to some dramatic changes in the law.  On Ringler Radio,  host Larry Cohen and co-host, Nolan Robinson, chat with Susan Saladoff, the producer and director of the documentary, Hot Coffee.  Susan gives us the real story behind this notorious coffee case, talks tort reform, frivolous lawsuits and caps on damages and shares some other examples of how individuals are not getting a fair shake in this current civil justice system.

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One Response to “Hot Coffee and our Civil Justice System”
  1. Dianne Weiss says:

    Yes, the hot coffee case was quite the controversy. We all had our points and sides were taken. I think this documentary would open a lot of eyes, if they weren’t yet. Thanks for this.