Big benefits of working with Ringler for structured settlements.

What makes Ringler the best for customized structured settlement solutions?

Peter Early joined Ringler in 2005. Prior to that, Peter worked in the US Senate for Senator Lincoln Chafee in Washington, D.C. His office is located in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Cindy Chanley, CSSC, long-time Ringler Associate serving Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana and a member of the Board at Ringler, talks about working in the structured settlement business for 30 years, with a focus on helping injured people solve complex problems. Hear about a compelling case and lessons learned by this professional structured settlement consultant.

After a settlement has been reached in a lawsuit, often claimants have questions about how to handle or manage their settlement money. On this Ringler Radio podcast, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Ann Marie VonBank get some real world perspective from expert guest, Attorney James Heuer, Jr.,  to discuss the attorney obligations to the client during settlement negotiations and after the settlement has been reached.

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