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Preventing Distracted Driving

In 2009, Attorney Joel Feldman’s 21-year-old daughter, Casey, was killed by a distracted driver.  Since then, he has worked tirelessly to change driving attitudes and habits and raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. On this edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host,... [Listen]

RSD Litigation and the Physical Impact on the Client

Millions of Americans suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS, also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy or RSD).  RSD is caused when the body experiences trauma that damages or otherwise causes malfunction to the nervous system. On this edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen along with... [Listen]

Choosing a Structured Settlement in a Workers’ Compensation Case

When an individual is injured in the workplace, there is not only a long-term physical impact, but a financial one. Workers’ compensation is paid on a periodic basis in weekly payments, so a structure is simply another way of delivering benefits.  Ringler Radio host, Larry Cohen joins colleague, Peter... [Listen]

The Actos Settlement

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. agreed to a $2.4 billion settlement to resolve bladder cancer claims tied to its Type 2 diabetes drug Actos. On past Ringler Radio shows, we have followed the litigation surrounding Actos.  On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Keith Christie join guest Attorney Frank... [Listen]

Affordable Care Act and Structured Settlements

With the recent Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, regarding the Affordable Care Act, how will the ACA impact structured settlements?  Join Ringler Radio host, Larry Cohen and co-host, Mike Zea with special guest, Jordan Bossler, Director with the AIG Structured Settlement Department,... [Listen]

Spotlight on a New, Non-Traditional “Structured Settlement” Product

Qualified as well as non-qualified product plans are currently being offered for claimants or contingent fee attorneys to defer receipt of their settlement award or fee on a pre-tax basis. This new fixed investment product can be used for attorney fees, wrongful termination, discrimination and most personal... [Listen]

Judgment in Children’s Motrin Case

In a closely watched case in the legal community, Massachusetts’ highest court upheld a $63 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson, maker of Children’s Motrin, in the case of Samantha Reckis, who developed toxic epidermal necrolysis  after receiving multiple doses of Children’s Motrin.... [Listen]

Structured Settlements and Non-Qualified Assignments

A non-qualified assignment involves the transfer of a future periodic payment obligation arising from the settlement of a dispute from the defendant or its carrier to a third-party assignee.  In this podcast, Ringler Radio host Larry Cohen and co-host, Duke Wolpert join Tom Donahue, Vice President... [Listen]

Understanding Structured Settlements: A New NSSTA Survey

Insights about how structured settlements are used and what can be done to improve the process are featured in a new Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) article titled, Understanding Structured Settlements, written by Kevin Silo, President of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association... [Listen]

Traumatic Brain Injuries: From Battlefield to Football Field

After years in Afghanistan and Iraq, our troops are returning home with traumatic brain injuries stemming from their time in combat. Traumatic brain injuries are also prevalent in sports-most recently on our football fields. On this edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co‑host Anne Marie... [Listen]

Inside the Airbag Recall & Litigation

After many reported injuries, more than 14 million vehicles with Takata-manufactured airbags have been recalled due to defects.   On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Keith Christie join guest Attorney Cole Portis from the Beasley Allen law firm, to discuss the airbag recall, the litigation... [Listen]

Get to know the new President of Ringler Associates

On this special edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen chats with the new President of Ringler Associates, Geoffrey E. Hunt,  about his goals and thoughts on the structured settlement industry in Ringler’s 40th Anniversary year. Visit Ringler Associates to contact a consultant in your area... [Listen]

Structured Settlement Questions and Answers

Lump sum payment over a structure. The unpredictability of the market.  On this edition of Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen welcomes colleague and co-host Angus Kennedy to discuss some of the questions, solutions and what people should know about the benefits of the structured settlement. Visit... [Listen]

Brain Injury Association of America & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Aside from the physical, traumatic brain injuries or TBI’s, can have a lasting effect mentally and financially on an individual and their families.  On this Ringler Radio podcast, host Larry Cohen joins colleague, Char Johnson and Attorney Daniel S. Chamberlain, who is helping victims of TBI’s cope... [Listen]

Medicare Second Payer Information Update

Medicare Secondary Payer, better known as MSP, took center stage in 2014 when it came to impacting the structured settlement industry. Ringler Radio host, Larry Cohen along with colleague, Tom Blackwell, Vice President and Program Director of Ringler Medicare Solutions, Inc. (RMS), talk about the changes... [Listen]

Ringler Associates: Celebrating 40 Years in Structured Settlements

Since 1975, Ringler Associates has been a nationwide leader in the structured settlement industry and this year, is celebrating a 40th Anniversary! On this Ringler Radio podcast, host Larry Cohen joins colleague, Mike Casey and one of the original five Ringler Associates, Cecil Mathews, as they discuss... [Listen]

Spotlight on the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Since 1956, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, better known as GTLA, has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyday citizens, Georgia families and small businesses are never deprived of their constitutional guarantee of access to true justice. Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen along with colleague,... [Listen]

From Wealth Management to Structured Settlements

Financial security is an important factor for individuals and their families when choosing to go with a structured settlement. Today on Ringler Radio, host, Larry Cohen joins Phillip Krause, a new structured settlement consultant for Ringler Associates out of Naples, Florida to discuss his journey from... [Listen]

Inside the Connecticut Bar Association

From its creation in 1875, the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) was instrumental in developing and improving court rules and providing quality educational and networking opportunities for its members. Today on Ringler Radio, host, Larry Cohen welcomes the 2014-2015 Connecticut Bar Association President,... [Listen]

CMS and the Withdrawal of the Proposed Rule

Just last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) withdrew their proposed rule for the consideration of future medicals in liability bodily injury settlements.  Ringler Radio host, Larry Cohen along with colleague, Tom Blackwell, Vice President and Program Director of Ringler Medicare... [Listen]